My Surprise Williamsburg Vacation

Though most people work to be able to put food on their table and save a bit of money, we generally work for two reasons: family and vacations. That’s what life is all about for many people, right? I am certainly like this myself. I try and take a vacation with my family at least every three months (for a grand total of 4 modest vacations per year). Unfortunately, the last time I took a vacation was a long time ago. So, I had a great idea to surprise my family by taking them to a unique location, preferably with lodging in a boutique hotel.

My family and I are not flashy. When we stay in hotels, it is generally in a well-known chain like the Howard Johnson or Best Western. So I decided to spoil the family and stay in a boutique hotel this time. We had never stayed in a boutique hotel before. So, I immediately went into research mode to find the best boutique hotel out there. The only two problems? “Best” is a subjective term and the US is a big place. Where do I even start to look?!

Regrettably, it took me over two full days to come up with an idea. California is a nice place to go. South Florida is always a hot spot. Colorado is known to have great getaway resorts. But, the problem was still there. All of these states have thousands of cities to choose from. I needed to narrow my search for this “ultimate” boutique hotel.

Then it hit me. I live in Williamsburg, Virginia. Are there any other cities named Williamsburg? It was quite a random thought but it came to me because I used to live in Miami, Florida and while I was thinking of that, I knew that there is also a Miami, Ohio. So, I typed a simple Google search for cities named Williamsburg and voila – here is my vacation!

It turns out that there is a Williamsburg, New York – located in Brooklyn. While there are many scary places in Brooklyn, Williamsburg wasn’t one of them! In fact, it is known for its wide ranging culture and artistic nature. Needless to say, it was easy to find Brooklyn NY hotels.

I came across a fancy Williamsburg boutique hotel called the Condor NY. The pictures and reviews checked out, there was free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, and very cheap parking for the rental car. So, I decided to book our three night stay there.

As I write this, I want to let my readers know that I just got back from my vacation yesterday. The verdict? The vacation was amazing. My family and I some great sights in New York, but we were most impressed by the Condor hotel. The service was downright incredible, the beds and room were all 5 star, and the location was so much better than the high expectations we already had. I mean, we were literally a three minute car ride from downtown New York City (with no traffic).

So what’s the moral of my blog post to you? Both Williamsburg’s are great locations to go and visit, and both offer some high quality hotels and entertainment!

Overcoming Mold on My Florida Getaway

All my friends know I enjoy vacation. Who doesn’t? Luckily, I recently took a vacation down to beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida and found a home there through the all popular AirBnB. I excitedly packed my bags, got on the plane and safely arrived at our destination. Things could not have gone smoother, until I entered the house and went upstairs to the bedroom. What I discovered was shocking – mold!

To put this in perspective: we are not talking about a little mold within the cracks of the shower wall. We are talking about a full blown mold problem in the bathroom and bedroom. Unfortunately, I’m a not mold expert in the slightest, but I do know that mold can be toxic (there is such a thing called toxic mold), and even if it isn’t toxic mold, all mold is dangerous to your health on various levels (depending on the amount of mold present). Since there was a lot of it, I didn’t want to take any risks.

So, I did what any logical person would do. First, I contacted the homeowners to let them know of the serious problem in their house. I also voiced my displeasure that they did not think to inform me of this problem. Mold takes some time to grow; it doesn’t happen overnight, so the owners definitely knew about it prior to our arrival. Secondly, I looked up a certified company that deals with mold remediation and mold removal in West Palm Beach Florida. Sadly, finding the right mold removal specialist in West Palm was difficult at first. It took almost six hours of research until I found a renowned and professional mold removal service. So how did we do it?

Luckily, we live in the age of information. Have a question? Ask Google and ye shall receive the answer! We came across an incredible resource on mold called USA Mold Removal. It is essentially a directory for the best mold remediation and removal companies in various cities across the United States. Yes, something like this actually exists! Did we mention how much we love the internet?

While I was upset that it took us several hours of research that took away from precious vacation time, I were happy to have found a high quality service for mold removal in West Palm Beach. I started reading reviews and looking into the process of mold removal, and apparently many people have had terrible experiences with numerous mold remediation companies. The professional I called came out, inspected the “contaminated” site, and created a plan to get rid of the mold once and for all. Yes, I had to move out for over 24 hours, but at this point I didn’t mind as I was concerned for my health. After the professional completed the job, I moved back in without any traces of mold in the house.

So in summary, the vacation had a slight hiccup but I’m happy to inform that once I dealt with the mold professionally, the rest of my vacation in West Palm Beach was mold free and excellent!

P.S. Here’s one of the more helpful videos I found online when trying to understand what mold is all about.